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Im not sure if insomnia is a side effect of endo! But at night I can never sleep I can never get comfy or anything (this has only been happening for the last fortnight or just over).

During the day all I want to do is sleep I’m absolutely exhausted I’ve not been eating, my pain has been awful, did an operation that my consultant won’t proceed with until it’s an emergency so I’ve pretty much just gotta handle all my symptoms on my own but it’s becoming harder without having a proper nights sleep..

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Hi, sorry to hear you’re having such a rubbish time of it. I’m not sure insomnia and endo go hand in hand, but the pain and stress with mine certainly interrupted my sleep. Pain meds will make a huge difference though! My GP prescribed me Naproxen, which made me really drowsy, so I tried not to take it during the day (unless it was absolutely necessary), but it was really helpful at night x

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First night last night I managed to sleep from 12;30-5 woke up due to pain then woke up 20mins ago from a phonecall off doctors but I would have been asleep until around 10ish I think I only managed to sleep like this because I did dose my self up in pain relief.. (for the pai, not to get me to sleep haha)



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