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Just don't understand

So on the 30th of November I went to A and E with abdominal pains, extreme pressure where my section scar is and weird sensations on my bladder and pelvic area. Period wasn't due for about 10 days but before it came I was put back on the combined pill. ( this did seem to ease the pain). A week ago period showed up (breakthrough bleeding?) Which was heavy and hurt. Roll on to today where my 21 day pill finishes tomorrow and I seem to be brewing all them original pains back.

I'm laid on the bed starting to hurt really bad.

I don't understand why a month on its starting again especially as I thought it was my period last week and I'm back on the pill. I will be continually taking this after tomorrow.

Any ideas because I really don't understand and I'm yet to be diagnosed.


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Hey tia,

Although you don’t know yet this may be your endo growing from your scar tissue from your section..

Although I can’t give you any advice on pain relief, that may help in what’s going on xxx


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