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11 months endo Free

11 months endo Free

as of jan 11th 2017 untill now I have been endo free its put a bounce back in my step and packed me full of energy. The only bit that is not so good is I have to have zoladx for pretty much the rest of my life. But I have a great nurse who gives it to me quickly and hardly hurts one bit. I am so greatful my Fiancée has been by my side since we met in dec 2016 he had no clue what he was getting in to untill I told him that april 2016 I nearly lost my life due to having a cyst burst and had bad septacimia. I was rushed in for a emergancy op to drain the cysts and try to remove as much as possible this is when the found out it was stage 5 after a week in hospital I was allowed out but ended up being wheel chair bound as I hurt too much and was too weak to stand for long. I was not allowed to be left on my own untill I was able to stand and walk with no help ao this was awkward I spent alot of time and effort to stand and walk but it was impossible I had to have a chair put in the shower so i could sit and wash but I could not lift my arms above my head to wash my hair so lucky me I got to go to hair dresses where my parents exaplained my problem and they gladly did it for me 2 weeks later I was able to so stuff on my own so I was very greatful for this as when I could not do anything for myself I cryed every day in frustraition I hate not being able to do stuff on my own I cryed in anger at myself for getting so ill that it nearly killed me I blamed myself for something I could not controle. After 2 more ops to try take more away and to plan how go to about removing them. Jan 11th 2017 I had my cysts removed and I have not felt this good about myself or my life in years I am able to work pain free and not feel tired after walking 10 steps I now have a new positive outlook on life and determind to prove people wrong. after a whole year out of work and no exersice allowed to now being fit healthy and stronger than before. The picture below is the day I got dignosed with cysts and my whole life changed.

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Hi, Yes cysts, mine still return but take years to grow. Zoladex was wonderful for me too. 10 yrs I was OK. But because of what happened to me I wish to explain myself. After years of taking it it started to change my ability to think, some cognitive issues, low feeling and fatigue crept in. My good active sex drive went and I became very tearful, I became clumsy, forgetful, needed more sleep. My hormone levels raised again as my pituitary gland got inflammation, my thyroid changed and I put on weight, my pancreas played up. A serious depression started, then a complete breakdown, though I stopped the Zoladex, 5yrs on I still have a form of Depression. I lost my relationship. I had no support and now I take Morphine for Endo pain as I can't take these type of drugs again. So be aware of any change in your behaviour! Zoladex is a great drug just taking it and taking it might not the complete answer. Good Luck . Joy x


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