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Endo leg pain!!

Hi everyone , I have just had my endometriosis specialist appointment as I need this before surgery, now to wait for my appointment for laparoscopy during the app I was told I will need a cystoscopy aswell, my surgery is apparently high risk as from my previous surety when I was 2 day’s old the scar is unfortunately inverted and right across abdomen .. hopefully not too long to wait they told me it should be within the next 6 weeks, since last Tuesday I have had really bad leg pain I’ve not banged it / fallen over It Jus cane out of the blue one morning now I walk on it I went to A&E yesterday it was so busy they turned around and said prob siataca and to keep taking my medication that I’m already on , not that does anything for the pain, i did day I’m pretty sure I had a uriine infection, (again) but didn’t bother to check it as it was busy they jus wanted u to be seen and then leave! I have been online and I’m seeing from posts u can get pain with endo!! Is this right? The pain in my abdomen / back leg and groin is Jus so horrific just now .. I’m struggling to get out of bed / work ... thanks 😘

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I'm currently waiting for a gynae appointment and spoke to the doctors this morning about my leg pain (feels like nerve pain?) She's prescribed me something to take at night but I can't remember the name and need to collect prescription this afternoon. I do believe from what I've read it is all part of it. I get back and hip pain too. Sorry I can't be more help, I'm yet to be diagnosed x

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When I have my hand on my leg I can feel the bones of tendons cracking the hospital said the tendons are rubbing as there inflammed I didn’t relise it’s is a endo symptom so crazy ! I will phone my docs to see if I can get an app before they close for new year as the hospital didn’t help much x


Let me know how you get on. Mine has gotten worse now too x


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