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What to expect from Gynae?

Hello everyone,

I have an appointment with a gynaecologist in February and I was wondering what sort of thing I should expect?

My GP thinks I have endo, I have a lot of symptoms but my ultrasound and MRI were clear. She put me on Cerelle to see if it helps with the pain until I can see the gynae, it is helping but I am still in pain, especially during my period.

What sort of things will I be asked, or should I ask questions too? I'm a bit nervous about it.

Thank you!

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My first few appointments seem a bit of a blur and it seems everyone’s experiences are different. I would be prepared for internal tests or scans. They will want to know what’s going on - id make a list of what’s happening and talk through it - including any triggers you have seen. If you haven’t started a pain diary I would recommend doing one too, that’s what made my gynea put me on the waiting list for the laparoscopy because she could visually see how often I was in pain

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Hi Tiffany, there's some guidance about preparing to see a specialist in the Information section on the Endometriosis UK website - endometriosis-uk.org/seeing...

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