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Feeling low

Currently waiting for a gynaecologist appointment and feeling so low.

I have no idea what's wrong with me but I'm so bloated from under my boobs down and getting shooting pains all over abdomen. I'm having trouble going to the toilet but this bloating has been bad for weeks now since i started having excruciating pain under my section scar and like stretching movements over my bladder and between my thighs and pelvis. Leg, hip and bum pain seems to be daily too.

I can't take much more, I want to cry everyday and all I can do is wait.

Have been put back on the pill which has helped the pelvic pain but my abdomen has not settled down at all.

Please tell me I'm not alone...

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You're not alone. I'm hoping the bloating will go down now I'm post surgery. On the bright side, I get offered seats on trains. The irony of looking pregnant while I'm on medication to put me in the menopause! I hope they get you on the road to recovery and if you feel like crying then cry. Let it out, you have every right to be sad and you'll feel better afterwards.


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