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Hi everyone - my last posts were on the ovarian cancer site because almost a year ago I had a raised CA125 test. After all investigations it turns out I have small fibroids.

However: my symptoms have always involved bowels (diarrhea, constipation, wind, bloating) especially during my period and I am beginning to wonder if my issues may be related to endometriosis.

Background: I'm 47 . I had a C section with my last baby(!) no 9 yrs old. 2 normal vaginal births before her. Periods have been fairly normal but for about 15 years now I have had really awful pain and bloating during ovulation.

My periods suddenly became excessively heavy about 2 years ago, to the point where I couldn't go out on occasions. Bowel movements were horrendous and passing wind equally so. It felt as though it was getting trapped and would take hours to pass. I became really wound up by this and wondered where it would all end but after about 6 months it started to get better and I although my periods are generally heavier than they have ever been they are no longer interfering with my life as they did for those few months.

Since then it settled down but I have had real trouble with feeling sick after eating, bowel problems swingin from constipation to diarrhea which resulted in the CA125 test about a year ago. As all the results were inconclusive except for the fibroids I have just put up with it...

Until yesterday. My period came on in the morning before I got up - there followed diarrhea for most of the morning and then an entire day of what felt like a miscarriage. It was totally debilitating and all I could do was roll about on the sofa moaning.

I'm aware that one episode is not much to be going back to the doctor with (I have been booked in for a camera up the bottom) but not sure when that will happen.

I've had internal scans because my ovaries are not visible (takes them ages to find them) and I have a folded tilted womb.

Does anyone here have experience of adhesions?

Many thanks

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