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Is it endometriosis? Symptoms

Hello all,

I’m new here, I’m Samii and I’m 22, I needed some advice from people who have been through a similar experience that I’m going through now!

I’ll start from the very beginning which was about a year and a half ago when I began having periods again, I had an implant in but I also began having periods. These could last for two weeks, I would never know when I would be coming on and I would experience a lot of pain.

I began visiting my gp with severe stomach pain, sat in the doctors waiting room in tears! I was told it was IBS, I needed to change my diet, I was constipated etc etc. Never got to the bottom of the problem, I then had a doctor who didn’t have a clue which I suggested endometriosis, he did some googleing and referred me to a gynaecologist in the December of 2016.

I saw the gynaecologist and listed my symptoms - painful periods(which has me doubled over in pain, taking sick days), very constipated, feeling faint, nausea, fatigue. She examined me which was extremely painful on my right side which brought me to tears and she had to stop. In the end she concluded that I had sensitive nerves from a broken leg which happened when I was about nine years old and my muscles were weak from supporting my body and that’s why I got the pain when I was on my period from the muscles contracting. (Mother and me went away very sceptical and wasn’t sure that was what was wrong)

Referred for physio which happened once then got cancelled due to staffing. August this year I got admitted to hospital due to my dr thinking I had appendicitis. They agreed and sent me for a scan which revealed my appendix was fine but I had a 4cm cyst in my right ovary. I was sent home (with painkillers) gynaecologist told me that the cyst was fine and nothing they can do. ended up back in hospital two days in later still in pain, cyst had burst but was told by a gynaecologist I had an infection inside and that’s what was causing the pain. Took antibiotics but still didn’t feel right.

I’ve since been referred again to see a gynaecologist on Wednesday, shall I push for a laparoscopy? Do my symptoms sound like endo? Thank you

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I’ve also recently gone on to the depo due to having periods and the gynaecologist suggesting I go on to something that stops my periods. I haven’t had a period for two months, these last two weeks I have been spotting dark brown almost old blood and I’ve been very constipated which happens every period! I’ve also been in pain and feeling very bloated and uncomfortable!


Hey , it's definitely a possibility, but there are other gynaecological conditions too, such as PCOS, as you mention having had an ovarian cyst and also Adenomyosis. Both can co occur with Endo.

If you are having cyclical bowel problems though I would definitely mention them, and see if you can get referred to a BSGE centre, or if that's not possible at least a gynae with a registered special interest in Endo per the new NICE guidelines.

My initial investigation prior to a diagnostic lap were manual exam, transvaginal ultrasound, an MRI and a sigmoidoscopy ( some ladies have a colonoscopy, my Endo had been located by then and we knew it was low down) .

Good luck


Thank you very much, I haven’t heard of adenomyosis so I will have a look!


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