Cupping therapy and endometriosis

Hey guys, as having being newly diagnosed stage 4 endo and having to wait sooooo long for my lap im doing what i can naturally to help myself in the meanwhile. Ive started cupping therapy once a month and ive had 4 sessions so far.

Has anybody else tried this and what have your experiences been with it? Did it provide pain relief? Did it help endo get better?

I dont know if it has helped with pain but it has definately helped with circulation to my ovaries etc. On my first session i had almost no blood drawn from my ovary area, in particular my right ovary which isnt good. Each session i have been the blood has increased slowly but surely. I am very hopeful of this treatment and the certified professional doing my cupping has sadi that cupping is quite successful for endometriosis so if any ladies have done it or want to share ur experience please do :) xxx


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