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GNRH injections - good news stories please - feeling so low

Hi, so yesterday I visited my gyno. I was expecting to hear abit about my surgery and get a possible date for opp. Like with all ops I know there is risks involved. Because mine is joined to my bowel I was shocked to hear how many risks plus the fact I may not have children and have to have ivf at a later date. I burst in to tears with all the over whelming news as you can imagen. I’m single and yes I’d love children. I’m 36 and know time is ticking and I’m not even in a good place to be thinking about dating. They offered me the injection. Pressure was on as I had to decide in my crying state if to have that yesterday or go for opp. I didn’t know what to do, I opt for injection for now hoping it saves all the risks of surgery involved. The nurse said I may not notice any Improvements on my first one, which means another month of pain for me. A lot of the symtoms for it I already have anyway. Sorry for ranting on just feelin so low and depressed today that it would be nice to hear I’ve made the right choice and has anyone had any had success with the injection??? Xxx

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Prostap helps me enormously. It can be a bit rough going at first because the first injection can cause a pain flare but then after that I’ve always done really well on it. I’m on my third course of injections while waiting for surgery and it’s amazing the difference it makes for me xxx


Hi Janine,

Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to hear you have had some positive results. So your having surgery as well? I felt as though yesterday they were saying one or the other to me. I read this helps b4 surgery though. I asked how they know if this works, they said cos I will feel better. Yeah that’s good but how do they know it’s gone if they don’t do further tests? They say they only know you have endo if they do a lap so surely they should do that too to check after so they know it has gone. Sorry for all the questions. Just I felt rushed off yesterday and nobody to answer anything x


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