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Really TMI, but can anybody help? Bowel endo?

Hi ladies,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here because the Mirena‘s been really amazing for me. But lately I’ve had something really weird happen lately. A bit of a back story, I’ve had bad pain, periods and ibs symptoms since I was 14. 3 years ago, when I was 22, l I was diagnosed with endo in various places, but most notably on my bowel. Between the lap, and my Mirena, I’ve been really well. However, (getting back to the matter in hand) I’ve recently been getting some weird and frankly awful symptoms... every time I have sex (not ever altogether pain free, but loads better than it was) about two hours later I get horrific, painful diarrhoea. Now, I’m not sure if this is just coincidence, but I don’t think it is. Has anyone else had this? Does anyone know what it could be? I’ve been going back to the doctors recently because my bowel is utterly horrific before and during my period, but this is totally new in the grand scheme of the 11 years of endo.

Sorry if this is TMI, but this is such a lovely, supportive, group and I hope someone can shine some light!

Thank you :)


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Hey XX

I had a RV Endo nodule between my bowel and vagina. I always got diarrhoea on day 1 of period and never put 2 and 2 together. I also suffered lifelong Dyspareunia and reached the point 18 months ago where it was too blocked and painful to proceed. Sometimes before that happened intercourse would force a bowel movement but I don't particularly remember diarrhoea at least not within such a short timescale. I would definitely get it checked out, it's very possible there's a connection.



Thank you for this! I do get bad diarrhoea before my period’s started, it usually calms down a bit during, but it’s not brilliant. I’ve kinda learnt to deal with that side.

Yeah, I think it might have a connection... it’s not really much of a coincidence that my endo is flaring up again after 3 years of relative comfort, and then this happens. I’ll go back to my endo specialist I think!

Thank you again :)

Ps. I’m so sorry to hear sex is too painful now. I really hope that they can somehow help you - the one thing people are meant to get most pleasure from, and it hurts too badly to do. It’s not fair.


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