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Waiting for diagnosis of Endo

Hi :)

I don't know very much about endometriosis but have been told it could be what's causing my pain.

I started my periods age 11 and they have always been painful and heavy from day one. My mum was worried so repeatedly took me to see my GP but we were told the same old thing it's "normal" you're just unlucky and there's nothing that can be done.

Im now 28 yrs old and have been in pain most of my life but 2 years ago I started getting pain in my rectum when on my period. I thought maybe this is normal too so did nothing. 11 weeks ago I started getting symptoms of a UTI which I get monthly and usually settles after a few days. After 3 weeks of pain and no sleep I made a doctors appointment and was put on antibiotics. The pain continued to get worse and is so bad I'm doubled over crying in pain day and night. I then started to bleed from my rectum and found bowel movements excruciatingly painful when on my period. I was signed off work for 4 weeks and sent for scans and blood tests. My new GP referred me to a gynaecologist who confirmed endometriosis could be the cause. My operation is scheduled for the 26th April 2018 (laparoscopy +/- ureterolysis, cystoscopy and fitting a mirena coil). I'm on reduced hours at work taking Naproxen and codeine everyday but it's a constant struggle. I'm trying to go back to working full time hours but there's only 1 week out of the whole month the pain is bearable and I'm really struggling to cope. I put in a request to work from home twice with the full support of my manager but it was rejected both times.

I now feel unsupported and constantly under scrutiny from judgmental co-workers. My manager is never around anymore and I'm getting put under unnecessary pressure by unsympathetic co-workers.

Has anyone been in a similar situation with an employer? Do I have any rights even though I haven't been diagnosed yet?

Really appreciate any advice or tips to help manage my symptoms.


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Endo can be debilitating. Your manager should be more understanding. It is a autoimmune disease. Employers aren't good with disabilities! But they are meant to make allowances for the impaired.


Thank you for replying.

He's a new manager and very inexperienced compared to my previous manager.

I reached breaking point on Friday so with the help of my partner we've made a plan. Starting with a doctors appointment to find out if there are better painkillers I can be prescribed. Codeine is a horrible drug, I need to come off of it asap!

I'm writing a letter to my manager which will hopefully ensure I'm more supported and to clarify why my request to work from home was rejected as I received nothing in writing. And to again highlight agai why it should be an option for me.

I've now done ALOT of research to better understand what endo is and what employers should be doing to support employees. I work for a large corporation and could not be easily replaced so I don't think working from home would be an "unreasonable adjustment." They just don't want to pay out unless they have to.

Sorry rant over... phew!


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