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New to this forum.

After suspected appendicitis I was given an ultrasound scan which showed a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. Blood tests showed a raised CA125 marker and a further scan (transvaginal) has confirmed I have a chocolate cyst approx 4cm in size.

Reading a bit online, does this mean I have stage 3 endometriosis? It seems to say these cysts don't appear until then?

Still waiting for gynae appointment when I will no doubt get some of my questions answered but came across this site and thought I would ask.



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Hi KIrsty ... I was the same as you 6 months ago... But on both ovaries. I have had surgey 3 weeks ago to have them and other endo removed. Feel free to message me if you have any questions xx


Thanks for replying. I will pm you x

I should probably also have said I am 45 years old and being a typical Mum I have ignored and/or put the symptoms down to all sorts of things and never done anything about them. Being a perimenopausal woman I just thought my other symptoms, pain , discharge, bowel issues etc where just an age thing,or a stress thing , life has been pretty stressful!

In hindsight I've been having left sided pain for atleast 6 months, with on and off pain, almost like a contraction right through me. Having being reasssured by the sonographor that there is nothing sinister (its not the big C) I am now concerned about just how bad this is and if it is going to affect other parts of my inards.

Google is a great thing but the more you read the more terrified you get!


A wee update... Gynae consult a week on Monday. Hopefully I'll be a bit clearer on what is going on after that!!

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Thank you I will

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