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Does anyone experience pain around ovulation time?

Hi everyone. So basically, I’ve suffered from severe endo pain just before my period starts for around 10 years now, was on zoladex injections continuously for a couple of years and came off them in order to try and conceive. I suffered a miscarriage, and then have gone on to have 2 healthy children (now a 2yr old and an 8 month old). Since becoming pregnant with my first, I have thankfully not suffered from any endo pain, I breastfed him until I fell pregnant with my second, who I am still breastfeeding but only a couple of times a day now. I’m on my 3rd cycle since having her and this morning I randomly experienced some pain (a very familiar endo type pain) but I am not due on my period for about another 10 days. Does anyone experience endo pain around ovulation? I’m praying it was just a one off and nothing to do with the endo but can’t help but worry (was hospitalised with the pain every month before having my children and dreading the thought of going back to that!!)

Thanks for taking the time to read my essay!xx

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Hey yes I do. Just had my second Lap surgery where I had Endo and cysts removed from both my ovaries x


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