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Advice on OPKS


So I’m on day 71 of my cycle... and just taken an opk out of interest and it’s not positive as it’s not as dark as the control line. But it’s there and visible..

I’ve literally had a faint line for 3-4 weeks now! I got a dark line for a day, But before that nothing. Is it me? Is it the endo and hormones messing about as I’m sure it’s not always supposed to have a line?? Picture of the one I’ve just taken

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I get the same. Its very frustrating. The second line needs to be darker than the control line to predict ovulation. I don't currently have periods so its very hard to know if and when I ovulate. If I do get the ovulation pains I do a test and continue to do it for a week and a faint line is always there. I have severe endo, diagnosed after a lap in April and we have been trying for nearly 2 years now with no luck. Need to be ovulating to fall pregnant :( IVF I think it is


Yep I’m in a similar boat to you. I don’t have periods.. my last cycle was 98 days, this cycle I am currently on day 72! So not looking like period will arrive any day soon!!

So thought I’d take opks to see if I ever did ovulate. I think I caught it a few weeks back as the line was definitely dark/darker.

But it’s been three weeks since that and got a bfn this morning! So definitely not pregnant!


Do you have low progesterone? Some people normalize app after lap in terms of cycles ive heard but my periods had stopped years ago hence me investigating further with my endo so its a very frustrating waiting game. Hoping for a period vs hoping for no period and to be pregnant - its a real mind game this one


Yeh I definitely get the mind game! It’s horrible.

Had my bloods tested and they said all came back ok.

But that was at my GP who is rubbish!


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