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in more pain since surgery


I had surgery in July to remove a large ovarian cyst and while open they found severe Endo. I was uncomfortable before the surgery, mainly with bladder and bowl symptoms ( that I kept getting told was IBS) but since the surgery I have had days of severe pain, to the point I was up at A@E last week. I also feel a constant dull ache in my pelvis, it almost feels like its in my bones ( I imagine its what arthritis feels like) it wakes me up on a night sometimes.

( sorry for this next bit )My first period after my op was painful, but for the first time in a long time it was red blood and lasted about 5 days, the two after that have only lasted one day and have been dark with clots. I am worried that the surgery they did has created scar tissue and made it worse ?

I have been messed around with this for over two years now constantly fobbed off and told I have IBS I had to fight for a specialist appointment and even then they messed up with the referral. My anxiety and depression has gone through the roof and I am currently on med for that ( which is helping).

I just feel like the people who are suppose to be helping me are making matters worse and I am at the end of my tether ..

Sorry, needed to rant ...

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I have the same symptoms. I was diagnose with stage 4 rectovaginal endometriosis. I had my laparoscopic surgery in May 2017, doctors removed my cysts, fibroids and appendix. After a month Of surgery I had my first period, it was painful, talked to my gyne about it but assured me it was normal since my tissues are healing. But month after month pain is getting worst and for the last 3 months I was in and out of the emergency 3 times. Went for MRI, results says my pelvic area is full of endometriosis...again! With 2 endometriomas growing on both ovaries! Right now I am experiencing dull constant pain in my lower abdomen esp on the left side with mild to moderate black/brownish vaginal bleeding. It has been like this for over a week now, pain is severe during night time. I had my period just 3 weeks ago and suffered severe pain in my rectum area.


Thabks for your reply, it’s a nightmare isn’t it ! I’m sorry you’re going through this too, but it’s also good to know I’m not alone if that makes sense 😞 what are the next steps for you ? I’m hoping that my appointment with the Endo center in Dec will bring me some answeres x


Hi I totally feel what you’re going through. I had my follow up appointment with the endo specialist consultant on Monday at a bsge centre. I had 2nd lap surgery in Aug. I am experiencing a constant dull ache in my lower back area which worsens with exercise. . And sometimes my ovaries feel like they might explode . My bowel/ rectum has a constant ache now and bowel movements feel blocked . My symptoms were not this bad before the surgery even though I have severe endo . But I was told the pain is something I just have to deal with as they did their best . I haven’t had any follow up scans or anything and was discharged. I felt like it was just the surgeon say “I’ve done a great job in surgery so therefore nothing can be wrong” .I felt like he didn’t listen to me at all, I was made to feel like a hypochondriac and stupid. But I know my body and I know that something is not right.

I have booked to see a private specialist for a second opinion.


Omg why don’t they listen too us ! We do know our body’s and if someone had listened to me two years ago it may not have become so severe 😫

It’s terrible that we have to go through this ! I hope that you get somewhere with your second opinion. Please let me know.

Thanks for the reply and good luck x


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