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Endo and Allergies

I have had endo for 8 years, but was diagnosed 8 months ago during a laparoscopy. I have noticed in the last few years that my allergies have gotten worse and I attributed it to moving to the opposite side of my state (a lot of ragweed and pollen). But I have moved back to my stomping grounds and have been here for 6 months and my allergies have continued to get worse. I have to take sudefed or benedryl daily to deal with the constant sinus headaches and nausea from post nasal drip. I have undergone allergy tests before and they have come back negative. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with Endo and Allergies and how they combat it.

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There is some thinking that there may be connections with Endo, inflammation and auto immune issues due to " leaky gut" so more things can pass through and trigger antibodies. I don't know how far it's verified. But if your immune system is perpetually on high alert allergies would presumably get worse.

I've developed oral allergy syndrome, an extension to my birch tree hayfever. I'm also much more sensitive to toiletries and house hold cleaning agents.



Hi there. yes unfortunately allergies seem to happen with Endo. I think due to leaky gut, and also if you have parasites their waste products can give you a histamine reaction.

I find I get allergies with dairy and gluten so if I cut them out I feel better. Sounds to me like maybe gettimg a food intolerance test could help, testing for leaky gut or parasites and treatment for that if you find it.

You shouldn't be having allergies to pollen now in winter so definyely cutting out the worst offending foods might help you.


I do have sinus problems but more often I get skin allergy problems. I just itch or sometimes my skin reacts and I get blotches or such like and often my eyes itch too. It happens so often I never know if its something i've come into contact with or something i've eaten. My brother once remarked i was "allergic to air" because of all the allegies I get. Havent really thought before if it was related. I always carry anti histamines with me.


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