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I need some help on whether this is endo or not

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I’m currently waiting for a 2nd opinion as the first gynae was useless

I’m in a lot of pain atm and it’s not even my period but it might be close. Bloating, nausea, fatigue and headaches

However I have a little flow on my period with lots of clots, could it still be endo or not?

I have other signs it could be but I’m going to a social event on Tuesday and scared I might start then and not be able to go due to severe period cramps

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Hello princessk09 ! How are you doing? I hope that you are getting better as we speak. I don't think that you should wait much longer. You see your condition might be worsening in every moment. What you should do is go to a hospital as soon as you can dear. A simple echo could have all the answers you need. Now if I were to try and play the diagnosis game I would be as sure as you. You do have the majority of the symptoms for a endo, but this is not definitive! You see many other things could manifest with such symptoms. I think you have experienced this once before right? Is it completely the same or is fsomething different this time? If something is different than chances are it is not endo. By now you know how your body behaves when you go through that. If something is different this time it means that the cause is different.

This is all just me trying to be as smart as I can. I could be as far away from the truth as a blind person seeking a needle in hay! Visit a doctor to make sure. God bless you and take care.

I just had my surgery and was told Crohn’s disease can show similar symptoms whether that’s true or not I don’t know, but I’m now waiting for gastro to see me, talk to your gp about anti nausea tablets they’re a godsend x

Hi there.

It sounds to me like you do have endo. you need to get the ball rolling to get it investigated as waiting lists can be long. I had severe pain with my cycles for 7 years, didn't get diagnosed. I had moderate endo in the end confirmed only by a laparoscopy.

It's an oestrogen dominant problem. Which leaves progesterone levels lower. That's what causes large amounts of clotting and light or short periods. I have all those synptoms and was finally diagnosed with endo 4 years ago. I take a natural progesterone oil which I put on my gums and it's made my periods a little heavier which is more normal now and a little longer. before I'd only have one day of proper bleeding and then clots and a very short cycle.

Definitely get checked out. hope tgis helps.

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princessk09 in reply to elektra4

Thank you, I’ve been put on the urgent list for a second opinion but even then the waiting list might be long. I’ve tried to take the pill but it hasn’t helped at all

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elektra4 in reply to princessk09

No problem, I have avoided taking the pill this far because i went onto it years ago for one year and it really messed me up. Its rubbish! Wouldnt touch synthetic hormones with a bargepole now.

If you do get diagnosed with Endo, there is a very good book by Dian Shepherd on using nutrition and supplements to make things better on the endometriosis.co.uk website. Highly reccomend that and the natural progresterone cream/oil.

Hope you get there soon,

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