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BSGE Centres very hard to get into!

Well after waiting on the NHS for 3 years from confirmed endometriosis via laparoscopy and doing very little, I decided to go on the insurance private but insurance company sent me to general gynaecologist (I didn’t realise at the time) who performed another laparoscopy did nothing refused surgery as frozen pelvis and bowel adhered, prescribed Zoladex for a year. It’s taken over 6 weeks for NHS GP to organise Zoladex. So I go back to GP today to ask to be referred to specialist endometriosis centre but they won’t refer me, it has to be the gynaecologist to decide to refer me. So I have to wait 3 months before I see him again to see if he will refer me of which he didn’t originally after laparoscopy! Feeling deflated at hitting a brick wall at every turn.

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Your GP is wrong and they can refer you. Can you see either a different GP or make a formal complaint to your surgery (or both?).

This is for UCLH (I don't know which centre you're looking at) but it clearly says at the top that a GP can refer you. Might be worth directing the practice manager at your surgery to this.



Thank you for this very useful x


I asked my GP to refer me and they said they would refer me to the general gynaeo, who I see anyway, but I asked for a second opinion and they referred me no question to whoever I chose, which was a BSGE centre. I think it might depend a lot on the GP you get and how stressed they are when you ask, which isn't how it should be, but I'd deffo push to get referred because they are allowed to! x


Thank you, I will try another doctor x


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