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Hospital Query

So my appointment with a specialist is just around the corner and I'm getting nervous. Not only am I paranoid I'll be too ill to go and will have to cancel it, but my period seems like it could start any day now. If it starts, do I have to cancel or can I go to the appointment bleeding? Would it be better bc the symptoms would be worse? I'm stressing x

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Hi. I wouldn't cancel.. is your appointment just a consultation at this stage?..


Not sure. It's been in the pipelines so long that I've put it to the back of my mind, but think it might just be a consultation x


It won't matter if ur on ur period. Your consultant will be asking u questions and should do your referral for specialist, scans or laparoscopy. At most the consultant may ask to do pelvic exam but if ur uncomfortable they ll leave that til next appointment. I had to refuse one once for same reason... still got referred. If u cancel, u cud get longer wait. If u really have to due to pain then phone through to the department and ask for a new date there and then, explaining why. x


I wouldn’t cancel either.

When I went to see the consultant she asked me lots of simple questions about the pain and about my periods.

Then she said she hasn’t and isn’t going to examine me because from all the notes she would still agree I need a laparoscopy so her examining me would make no difference.

The consultation only took about 25 mins and I left feeling comfortable and reassured. So I think you should go if you can push through it because the result will be the biggest benefit.

Best of luck x

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Stressing about what baby girl? What's actually worrying you? The more stressed and worried you are, the worse the pain will be.Try to approach the clinic with a positive mind. Try not to cancel if you can. Let them see it! They need to see how badly your peroid actually affects you, so its important that you keep that appointment! Bring somebody with you if you can, so that they can help you get from the car to the clinic etc

Remember with the good Consultants and Specialists this is their bread and butter! They see and do this all day every day they are passed being bothered.


I stress about literally everything every second of the day, have don't since I was young haha, bee in therapy a lot for it but still can't help it from time to time x


What you are worrying or so called stressing about its absolutely normal. Most people on this forum worry or stress about seeing the Specialist especially for the first time. First of all you don't know them, who they are, what their personality is like and then you are going to tell them and ask them to help you in some of those private parts and issues of your body. Girlfriend, I would be worried if you were not worried or stressed out! There's lots you want to say, you know you have limited time, you don't want to sound stupid, you don't want to forget anything etc etc we have all been through it, believe me.

The advice above still stands. Makes notes, bullet points so you don't forget. Bring somebody with you for moral support and physical support if Aunty does come for a visit!

Now give me a hug and have a lovely weekend!

Anything else, you come back again..........


I’m terrified and stressed each time I go to and I’ve been seeing a specialist on & off for 7 years. Also I’m a nurse 😁 I am always scared there going tell me I’m imagining/over thinking it and to go away. I’ve NEVER had that they’ve always been so lovely and tried to help no matter what. Sadly there are so many treatments but no cures HOWEVER they will try there best to find the right opinion out there for you. I’ve tried most!

Go no matter what as this is what there there for, please it will be the best thing you’ve done as you sound like you need some medical support. We all can help with experiences but we all need medical help at different stages of this horrid condition. They understand that when your bleeding you don’t want to be touched.

Imagine we’re all there with you giving you our support and I always find the waiting room have plenty of kind nurses and patients to help you feel calm. Wear some music or take a good magazine. If your really stressed try asking your gp for something you can take just before you go to take the edge off.

Best wishes x

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I totally understand how stressed you are about going to this appointment. O had my consultant Gynae appointment on the 1st Sep and I was so stressed about it. I think it's because it almost feels like"last chance salon" to get someone to understand how bad the pain is and how badly it affects your life!

Anyway my consultant was so lovely and totally understanding, he asked loads of question and no internal exam required as he diagnosed endo straight away. He talked through my options, surged or to try fake menopause and HRT for 6 months. I had a Decapeptyl injection that day (my first monthly Injection of 6 to stop my reproductive system). I cannot say how glad I am I did this as although it has been very hard as pain and symptoms get worse before they get better and the first 5 weeks were horrendous but from last week, week I have started to feel a change for the better and cannot ever the last time I felt like this. No pelvic debilitating pain and joint pains that make me feel like I'm 100 and unable to walk!

I know this may be only temporary relief but I'm happy to take it. If it continues to work then after 6 months I can continue for only 2 years on licence with the I injections and daily HRT (livial/tibolone) then I have to stop and surgery will be required.

Please don't worry as this is your first step to feeling better.

Big hugs xx

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