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1 week post Lap

Just a quick update, I am one week post Lap and feeling ok. I still have uncomfortable pains and cannot bend easy but the gas pains in my shoulders has now gone thank god! I am sleeping much better however not able to lay fully on my side yet. I have a tight stitch feeling under my ribs which is tight when I breathe in and out, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I have also just finished my period which to my surprise was not painful, just heavier than normal. I am still very tired but Day by day I am moving around more.

My stitches are slightly itchy now and I have some bruising around them, I'm not sure how they are suppose to look or how long they take to disappear so any advice would be great!

In regards to my previous post, I rang and got my follow up appointment moved go November 3rd which is sooner than original. I also spoke to my consultants secretary and asked for my surgery report but was told that it will all be discussed at my appointment so guess I just have to wait.

Hope everyone is doing there best!

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Hi. Glad your feeling okay! I still had uncomfortable pain 1 week post lap and like you couldn’t fully lay on my side and had a horrible stitch pain under my ribs which i think was connected to the gas to be fair! It does get easier though. I’m now 2 weeks post lap, i can now lay on my side although the area around my belly button can still be sore but thats down to the stitches i think and because of that its still uncomfortable bending at times, other than feeling tired quite alot i feel really good now. My stitches were really itchy after a week aswell they drove me insane, that’ll soon wear off though, my doctor told me my stitches would probably fall out any time after about 2 weeks. Hope all thats off help for you xx


Hi sorry for the late reply!

Thanks for your message. I still have the stitch pain under my rib but seems to only be on my right side, it is very painful when laughing too! I am starting to lay more comfortably in bed too although my stitches are still in place and very irritating! I'm same as you bending is still an issue but I'm Gedling much better in myself still quite tired all the time but I can deal with that and I'm hoping to go back to work next week. How long did you have off? xx


Hi. Glad to hear your still doing well. All my stitches have fallen out now, thank god! I’m still a bit sore when bending and walking but is ok as long as i don’t do too much! By the time i’ll have gone back to work next week i’ll have almost 4 weeks off, i’m going back to work on reduced hours for 2 weeks aswell as i’m stood on my feet all day!xx


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