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Im new to the site and was looking for any advice on Esmaya. I am 54 and I have 8 large fibroids and for over 4 months I was housebound, due to severe bleeding, clotting but then just as though a tap had been turned on and you couldn't turn it off ( blood so thin it was like water). I found out through the internet this was due to my hormone imbalance. I started taking Esmaya - Wow it is amazing, it tool 3 weeks to stop the bleeding but it eventually stopped and I had my life back. I had no side effects at all, I found it Amazing. I was on Esmaya for 6 months, then only 3 days after stopping I started with heavy bleeding again. I had to go back onto the Northistorone which for me stops it within a few days usually. My fibroids are very large and had only reduced slightly in size. I was put back on Esmaya for a further 3 months, same thing happened as previous, so back onto another 4 months of Esmaya. I stopped taking the Esmaya in June and since then it has been brilliant, no bleeding. However today 4 months later I have started bleeding so heavy that I can hardly leave the bathroom. Does anybody have any advice, I dont know weather to restart taking another 3 months of Esmaya, my GP said see how I go (telephone conversation) but hey - go where, I cant leave the house! I have started taking Naproxen but not doing much at the moment. Kind Regards Deb

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