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Confused and upset

Hi everyone,

I have suffered for years with ibs, cramping, problems emptying bladder, painful sex and had pains on a regular basis. It's like a sense of bruising and my insides banging around when I'm walking.

I can't sit down, walk, empty bowels when I have my period combined with excruciating pain, sweating and nearly passing out. I have had an iui, progesterone only pill but unfortunately they did not agree with me and also because I want to try for a baby soon. I went to a specialist and she confirmed on a MRI that I had adenomyosis and a chocolate cyst on ovary.. she said she was also 99% that I have endometriosis also.

I had a laparoscopy, dnc, swabs and tubes checked 9 days ago and my consultant rang me the next day. She said that when she was performing the lap that she was flabbergasted because there was no sign of adenomyosis, endo and the cyst was so teeny Tiny that she left it be because she didn't want to cut through the ovary. I am so upset, now I feel Ike I'm back to square one with no explanation. How can an MRI show all that and nothing when she did the surgery. I'm hoping to try for another baby (had 3 miscarriages) and she said on the phone I should start trying straight away. Again doesn't make sense considering I'm only 34 and apparently don't have endo or adeo.

I am at a loss and feel so down about this.


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I'm really sorry hun that your going through this. It's awful not knowing what's causing the problems especially when you've already had a potential diagnosis. Was your gynae a general gynae? The only thing I can think of to suggest is maybe get a second opinion get hold of your MRI scan and any other pics that was taken during surgery and possibly pay to see a specialist and go through the findings with them. That way they may be able to confirm or disagree with what your initial lap found 💗🤗😘


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