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Endo & RA

Good morning ladies, 💕

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis.

Wondering if anyone has both Endometriosis and arthritis out there?!?

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Hi I’ve got psoriatic arthritis and Endometriosis. Was diagnosed recently for Endometriosis and about a year ago for arthritis x

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I'm under investigations for it at the moment. Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed it's awful on top of endo too. Like endo isn't enough xx

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HI Lauren.

Can't believe i've just came across your post! I was literally at my GP yesterday for pain in my knees and fingers and she's sending me for blood tests for 'inflammatory arthritis' i.e rheumatoid. I've done a bit of research and apparently there can be a link between that and endo? I'm really hoping it's just a virus or something i've got and not anything else! What are your symptoms if you don't mind me asking? x

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Hey Kerry,

I’m so sorry you are going through all of the horrendous pain. As if endo wasn’t enough!?!? I guess they only give this kind of stuff to us women bc we are stronger than men?!? 😂

So, I’ve been struggling for about a year with extreme swelling in my fingers, hands, feet and ankles. Initially, I kept putting it down to the endo, but it got to a point where some mornings I would find walking so difficult and very painful or trying to use my hands, even to just brush my teeth, and the pain was excruciating.

Another sign, which was pointed out by the GP, was my finger joints have become a purple/blueish colour, but supposedly this is very common in RA. They say some form of discoloration or rash is very commonly found in hands or feet and one of the things they look for during examination.

It’s so horrible. I really was hoping it was somehow the endo, but both of my parents have osteoarthritis, so I had odds against me. Does arthritis run in your family?

I’ve done on a little research on endo and arthritis, which like you said are both linked. They are both autoimmune diseases, but they haven’t figured out exactly what the cause is. Great news! (JK)

I hope all of your tests come back ok. Wishing loads of luck. You know where to find me, so stay in touch. Xx


Can i ask you what your symptoms are, what tests where done, and how was the diagnosis made? I have physical symptoms of joint disease. At 32 i have adult onset scoliosis. I have adult onset flatfoot deformity in both feet. Ive been crippled for years with joint pain. I mean like over a decade. Ive been physio who have fobbed me off! My spine from top to bottom is 'stiff'. I keep getting a diagnosis of oesteomalacia. (Vit d deficiency). Bloods showed a raise in crp (inflammatory markers) back in 2014 which where marked by the lab and was ignored by both my dr and physio. Im at my witts end tbh. I get random joint swellings, particulary fingers but my major joints are sore (back, knees, ankles). Xx

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Hey Heloo,

I’m so sorry. It sounds absolutely horrible what you are going through.

I had the examination completed by GP, where they have a look at areas of swelling, etc. She had an idea that it might be RA, so sent me for bloods and X-rays of hands and feet. Bloods came back high for inflammation markers. X-rays showed the arthritis in my hands.

I am seeing a rheumatologist in a weeks time. I should know more than a d hopefully be able to help you more.

It’s such a nightmare dealing with GP, as they just don’t listen. You know your body best though!! Don’t ever stop asking questions and keeping going back until you get answers.

Lots of love,


Ps. Message me anytime 😊


Im currently awaiting an appointment with a podiatrist and im hoping they will x-ray my feet which will get to the bottom of it! My dr has stated at the very least ill need insoles (which i already wear) and at the worst, surgery to correct my right foot which is now fully on its side. But all they come back with is osteomalacia. Which is adult onset rickets. Wants me on Vit D for life. But i dont think thats the cause. But god only knows. My left shoulder is knackered too! I have had a few car accidents, fell off a few horses but ive never had a serious injury or broke any bones. Its actually crippling and god knows what im going to be like in 10 years time when im this deformed in my 30s.

Good luck. I hope you get it treated and under control. I feel for you, joint pain is awful!



P.s i read a study the other day. Endometriosis produces this L-(something) that causes bones to weaken. Its not just the medication that effects our bone health, but endo itself does! Xx

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Hi Lauren

Ive just seen your post! Im 29 and have both endo and RA diagnosed with endo 4 years ago (finally) and then RA beginning of this year! How are you getting on are you finding your suffering with both or not?






Mine started in my knees


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