Anyone had private treatment?

I have been informed today that there is a 37 week waiting list to see a specialist at a hospital I had excision surgery at a year ago. I can not take this anymore, I had a long journey last time which I know we all have and the thought of having to do it again is seriously affecting my mental health. Has anyone paid privately to see a specialist and what sort of costs were involved??? X

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Hi. I'm afraid I'm not sure how much it costs as my husband has private cover with work but I was seen by the specialist I wanted within 10 hours of me calling to arrange an appointment. I needed surgery which couldn't be performed at the private hospital so he put me on the NHS list the next day and I was operated in 5 months. If you can afford the initial consultation you might not need to pay for anything else. Good luck. Xx

That’s really good, that gives me a bit of hope. Thank you for replying x

I had insurance and was private with insurance at the spire. I had 10 days to my first consult. Being 35 minutes from the hospital was a godsend as I revisited several times.

I saw a private consultant at a cost of £150. It moved me along much more quickly and I am now on that consultants NHS waiting list for surgery as privately it would cost over £5000. If I was still waiting for my NHS consultant and GP to get their act together I think I'd still be waiting to be seen for follow up, let alone on a waiting list. I think the consultation probably earned me three months wait - worth it in my opinion. I am torn about it as I believe everyone should be able to access healthcare in good time and really feel so bad for those who can't afford it, but I was worried and in pain and it was £150 well spent which I am very fortunate to be able to afford. Hope that helps x

Three months less wait**

Can u pm who u saw and where? X

Hey lovely, I did have to in the end too as I was going crazy. It was quick once id been referred to the correct specialist, initially a fatigue specialist. It was expensive, they did surgery to remove it too. But I do like the idea of maybe the initial consultant fee to help you through. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Hun. If you need anything else from me let me

Thank you Hun x


I got told the same on the NHS. But then after about a month I rang back and told them it had gotten so bad I couldn't work properly or walk without being in pain also that mentally I couldn't cope, they then opened up private hospitals for me which the next month I had my operation.

I dont know how common it is for them to open private to patients, but maybe you could ask them if there is a way of them doing that for you.

I did have to move doctors as for 10 years at my old doctors they misdiagnosed me and wouldn't do anything for me as I was too young. Maybe get a second opinion it took me so long to go to another doctor and it was worth it.

Good luck!

I think if the wait is (or will be) over 18 weeks, it's worth pressing for the option of NHS funded private treatment. There has been an 18 week rule in place for some years. The problem is that waiting lists are shooting up everywhere so going over 18 weeks has become quite common. I imagine that's why funding for private treatment is not automatically offered - there are just too many for the NHS to afford it. It's probably a matter of making a case for it, just like you did. Well done you!

The costs tend to really vary. I don't have private health insurance but I have had to rely on going private several times due to the indifference shown by my GP so I can give you some rough estimates.

I live in London so have found that initial consultation costs between £150 and £250 - anyone on Harley Street I have never found to charge less than £250. I had to see a gynaecologist privately just so he could write a letter to my GP insisting he refer me to his clinic on the NHS, a year and a half later I findally had the diagnostic laparoscopy.

I went to A&E with severe abdominal pain this past July, they didn't care to do an ultrasound scan - I had to wait 2 months for my GP's referral to come through and they found a large cyst basically crushing my uterus and bladder... My specialist consultation appointment at a BSGE clinic has a three month waiting list so I decided to pay to have an MRI privately as it's important to have this before surgery is carried out. I figured a 3 month wait for the appointment, God knows how long I'd have to wait past that for the MRI. My MRI is costing around £800. Thankfully I have a very supportive family otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford this.

To have surgery privately can cost anywhere between £5000 and £15000 - depends how serious the endo is and how many organs it is affecting. There was a renowned gynaecologist who specialised in radical excision technique, he recently retired, and I believe for most serious cases the cost was around £20,000 - so as you can imagine it can be a serious financial strain.

It's really sad that we have this wonderful (in principle) health service yet you just get sicker and sicker waiting there just to be seen. I would advise, as some others have done, if you can afford it just get an initial appointment or two with a private gynaecologist to speed things along.

If you want advice on what to ask them for I'll try my best to help.

It really is ridiculous! What’s pushed me over the edge is the fact that doctors didn’t listen before, I pushed and pushed and eventually got a diagnosis, it turned out it was extensive Endo, attached my bowel to my womb, I had Endo nodules on Uteralsacrol ligaments, obliterated pouch of Douglas the list goes on so all those doctors telling me I was fine were wrong, I know my body and this time round they don’t want to listen AGAIN! It’s cruelty in my eyes! I’m going to go privately for my consult and hope that this gets me somewhere. Thank you for ur advice, I hope things are okay for u too x

My Last two laps have been private (albeit through my medical insurance) but wait time is literally days to see a consultant and procedures within a month. Potentially pay the consultants initial fee (£150-250??) to be seen and then wait for the procedure via NHS? I use BMI and highly recommend them x

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