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Ok so I am taking the plunge..AGAIN and booking a private endometriosis specialist through private healthcare!

Speaking to my go tomorrow and if she estimated the waiting time for me to see a consultant through the nhs is a long time (which I highly think it will be) I will hopefully book a consultation. I have been to this private hospital before and seen a general gynae who did my laparoscopy and found ‘no evidence’ but my doctor is sure it’s been missed!!


That this specialist will question my previous lap and say if Endo wasn’t found then you don’t have it??

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I saw a general gynae through the nhs who offered me an early menopause and then discharged me.

I then saw a general gynae a couple of years later at another hospital who done a lap and found nothing and discharged me 2 years ago.

I then paid for a private consultant in this year with an endo specialist I had to wait about 3 months as he’s one of the only ones in our area. But he highly suspects it’s been missed on the lap I had and I have a lap next week with him through nhs. Hopefully that helps a little bit. If they are a specialist and suspect I think they will likely do another lap as they know it can be missed easily xx

DM14 in reply to Sarahlouisex

Thank you for this is has made me feel confident about my decision!

Where are you living??

I only had my first lap in April this year so I just don’t want to get turned away!!xx

Sarahlouisex in reply to DM14

I found the specialist to be so much more caring and understanding. I found him on the bsge website. I actually had my first lap at the hospital he works from but by a general gynae. He also personally does the surgery which makes me feel much more confident. I’m in Norfolk. It’s so frustrating how dismissive and uneducated so many doctors are for something that’s so common. If he’s an endo specialist I can’t imagine he’ll turn you away as I think they know it’s often missed so don’t necessarily go by previous laps but go by your symptoms instead xx

Re your previous lap and no Endo found, time has passed since then so it could be a different story internally? I would like to think that you will be taken seriously, push for it as it’s your body and you who has to live with the symptoms. Let us know how you get on x

Hello, I had my second lap yesterday. First was about 8 years ago by a non endo specialist. Yesterday - endo specialist and I’ve had one “spot” excised from around my cervix. It’s a long journey as we all know to get to diagnosis and potential treatment. Try not to be disheartened by your previous results and push for what you believe is happening in your body. You may, and I think per NICE guidelines, should be offered a trans vaginal scan first which can be a good indicator of endo prior to another lap. Good luck


During my first lap by a non-specialist gynae, no endo was found. I was made to feel like it was all in my head because I was 19 and that I had wasted their time. Not pleasant.

3 years later, I couldn’t take the pain anymore and my mum and I paid for me to see a private gynae specialist. I went to see him in mid October and had a lap done and endo diagnosed by the 1st December!

No specialist will turn you away. Just keep at it. Hope you get the answers you need soon!

i would say its worth it but only if u are seeing a bsge endo specialist. even if it means travelling out of your immediate area. i had first lap for removal of stage 4 with general gynae following scan and examination showing large endometrioma. woke up to be told they couldnt see anything so discharged me. my pains persisted and thats when i started to do my research. i found a bsge specialist who did an mri only a few short months after which showed i did have severe stage 4 endo and the gen gynae had just completely missed it. since had to have 2 further ops under bsge, one excision, and the other tlh rso along with further excision as it had already come back in same places.

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