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Anyone experience excessive sweating episodes.

I have been getting night sweats for sometime now but the last few months I have been getting hot flashes during the day. They come out of no where, I could even be cold and then all of a sudden my face is burning and i cant stop sweating. They can last from a minute to about 30. Was sitting at dinner last night and my face turned bright red and the sweat was pouring of me, everyone kept asking if I was ok, its very embarrassing. I did go to the doctors about it and they run blood test to see if I was menopausal but all came back clear.


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Hey Ria29, 🙋🏽

I always got them, don’t panic.

My stomach would also burn inside and get incredibly hot which also made me sweat. I would get no burning and but sweats too.

I also started getting night, morning sweats whilst cold or hot.

This isn’t normal but I do think it is experienced with endo.

I was at my cousins wedding and had to go home. Work at times I would be drenched and I wear tight coloured clothes. Not nice, I understand 😘.

Personally I don’t know how it’s linked, it might be that the body is trying to fight the disease but I don’t know. It could be a bug in our systems the body is struggling to fight back.

The thing is it seems our bodies immune system is down due to the illness which in turn brings up all these symptoms. It could be endo or it could be other little things we pick up like a bug our body is struggling to fight.

I don’t know, I’m still trying to find out from how all my symptoms link as there was a lot.

So in a nutshell, a few of us get them, and we have had endo so does seem to be linked just not sure how atm, does that make sense Hun 😊.

What stage are you at Hun, have you had your diagnosis etc?

Hope your doing ok.xxxx


I have stage 4, I had my first lap 4 years ago, and then had coil inserted but didn't really do much good. Had to have it removed as got stuck in a large polyp. Symptoms have never gone although did get better after first lap, but now they are worse then ever, had to have 3 weeks off last month as couldn't walk. I feel like it just such a fight all the time, every time I go back to GP its like trying to convince them all over again whats wrong, and starting from the beginning again. I know people struggle with getting diagnosed but I think the on going care is disgraceful. I begged my doctor a few months ago for a gyne referral and got turned down because she wanted to try some different pain kills, I then had my really bad flare up and begged for a BSGE referral which she again refused and said I could only go to local gyne. I ended up writing a letter to the gp practice manager with loads of research saying that the gp's were not following NICE guidelines, the next day I got my referral, but its exhausting having this without having to fight for help as well I really feel like giving up someday's, and to top it off all these fun and wonderful symptoms that like to show up, last month i had 2 gp's tell me that endo doesn't causing bleeding from the bowel, (which i know it does as had it for years) and got told i had ibs, went to the nurse and she said that she had heard that it can cause bleeding from the bowel, No one seems to know whats going on,....

Sorry for my rant, am very tired and frustrated at the moment :)


I’m sorry the coil did not help 😔, did they try any other progesterone tablets with you or just left you with nothing? That’s so rubbish.

I do have the coil, I’ll keep an eye out for what you said about it getting caught etc as it’s useful to know as you never know what’s going on inside do you 😘.

It shouldn’t be such a struggle at all, and it is disgraceful. I had to go private in the end as like you said to get people to listen. However they know you’ve had endo before so it shouldn’t be as difficult for them should it! They should focus on referring and getting it sorted. It’s handed on a plate to them.

Wow fair play, I’m impressed with the research, that’s something I would do. You shouldn’t have to do that though, as you said it’s exhausting in all aspects. It for you somewhere but you need help not stress!

It can cause bleeding from the bowel because I had it too. Bet you wanted to laugh at them considering you had it for ages!

Rant away lovely. You deserve it after that. I’m sorry that you’ve had so much trouble with this and for just getting another referral.

I hope they get you in quicker now 🤞🏼. We’re here for you anytime just for a chat or if you need to rant 😘.xxx

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Hi Ria29.

I was reading your post, I also get night sweats, and it is so annoying!! I just recently went through a final hysterectomy ( removal of ovaries and tubes), and to clean up a bunch of endrometrosis. Menopause, sucks, period!!! I have gotten to the point that I rarely wear anything to bed, thats how bad it is. I don't get many flashes during the day. more at night.

There is no blood test that will confirm Menopause, I asked my doctors, ( both gyno and personal). I'm not on any type of estrogen, because of a bad habit that i have, it would cause clotting or worse stroke.

Anyways, my advice, is to keep your room as cool as you can, maybe put a fan on your side of bed, and trade your cotton for something lighter, (like silk or microfiber, something not heavy). Good luck, I think those of us going through menapause, need to rally together!!

Hopefully you will be able to find a Dr that will confirm menopause!!

Good luck to you, and your not alone :)


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