Working with endometriosis

Hi all any advice on trying to work with endometriosis. I have had endo for 6years and working with it so I know how hard it is, but was wondering if anyone had any new tips for more energy and getting through the day etc..... as going through a real bad patch at moment getting to the point where am going to have to stop working it's just to hard but I love my job and don't want it to come to that

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  • I'm sorry but no I don't have any advice, but I am going through that too at the moment. Have just had to take 2 weeks off sick as couldn't walk and had very bad bowel sideeffects and am sitting at my desk now, exhausted and unable to concentrate due to the pain killers making me drowsy. I really do feel for you.

  • I've been gritting my teeth and working through the pain and exhaustion. I make sure everything is done, I've explained to the people I work for what is happening to my body at present. I've been very lucky as everyone is very understanding and supportive. I am self employed so I rest when I need to. I had to give up working as a employee as I found employers of large companies unsympathetic and lacking in empathy. I have no children to worry about. Just myself, boyfriend and our dogs. I refuse to let endometriosis control me.

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