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Struggling for Work

Hi ladies,

This is my first post on here, just looking for some advice regarding working!

I was working at a residential childrens home for kids with severe challenging behaviour, however in July my intermittent abdominal pain got to the point it would stop me in my tracks and it became unsafe for me to work there. I was off sick for 2.5 months until I started my masters a few weeks ago and I resigned from my job. All the while my symptoms have been progressing, now I have abdominal pain ALL THE TIME, back pain, leg pain, fatigue, bum and vagina pain (fun right?), sinus problems (is this part of it or just random I really don't know?), low sex drive, a weird fluttery feeling in my womb? and a very wobbly mood. The pain is in varying degrees throughout the day, from a slight ache to full blown implosion inside me. It is quite frustrating and I am struggling with attending lectures.

So here's the problem. How on earth can I morally get a job when I know that some days I won't be able to function? I need money, I just don't know what to do. At the moment I'm trying to start selling homemade doggy bandanas and bunting, but it's not a good wage (as much as I find the creative side of it therapeutic!)

What do you other ladies do? I used to work 50/60 hours a week and love the feeling of accomplishment and working hard. Now I struggle with sitting in a two hour lecture :(

I would really really appreciate any advice from you lovelies xxxx

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Hi I've been on sick leave 3 months up to now, I normally work as a HCA with children with complex medical needs. Because I have bad days I can't physically work at the moment as I'm having severe side affects to prostap injections x


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