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Hi have had a fibroid for don't know how long but went to doctor 2 years ago as pain was unbearable the fibroid was 6cm in size and at the top of my womb went through scans tests everything then was put on esyma tablets as they where opting I should have a hysterectomy but before pre up I was prescribed esyma for 3 month and took them when it was time for my operation I cancelled the appointment due to others things going on in my life so have been in constant agony with periods again then in April this year my periods stopped I was feeling unwell and in constant agony down in my abdomen so went to doctor who referred me back to hospital I've now had the appointment and was told by the gyno that I don't need to have a hysterectomy if I try esyma as they can now prescribe 4 courses with a 2 month break inbetween the 3 months I also went and had another scan and the fibroid has grew to 8 cm which isn't too big but since starting the esyma in august I have now been bleeding from yesterday which is very heavy and bright blood not like usual period I have which sorry for the information was very heavy but thick dark blood has anyone else's had a bleed after takening esyma which is meant to stop periods any information would be appreciated thx I'm 43 and never had kids

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I have fibroids and have been prescribed Esmya. I am currently about to start my second course of treatment. I had a Mirena coil fitted to control the bleeding but it didn't. My periods haven't stopped on Esmya either so neither has the pain. Although it has been slightly better. How are you getting on now with Esmya?


Hi sorry to hear your having the same problems it’s a nitemare I am now in my 3rd month of esyma only had a bleeding after my second month of taken them but no more bleeds after I finish this months esyma I have to stop and hopefully a period will start I have also got a scan booked for December so if it’s shrunk I can continue in esyma for another 3 courses over 3 month at a time but don’t know what’s going on just now so fingers crossed the tablets work and I won’t need surgery but will keep you updated I have also developed acne spots which I have never had in my life also very sore breasts and dry mouth also getting cold sores but hoping after the medication stops I will be normal and free of this horrible illness


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