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Pain and mental health

Hi. I am new to the group and signed up as I struggle with the daily pain of endometriosis. I am on antidepressantsand take 500/30 cocodomal four times a day already but I just feel so crap all the time! I find it makes me so miserable and that's not who I am naturally which then makes me more depressed when I think about it. I have a wonderful husband and children and a manager at work who is very understanding but I feel like a burden that everyone has to look after. I have an appointment with the gynecologist (again) next week and I really just want the lot taken out now but don't know if that is something he would do? My GP even suggested I have a 3rd child 'to see if it helps' which I was quitems astounded at. Has anyone else had effective treatment?

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Hi beautiful

I totally believe the hormone levels being imbalanced effects your mental health and am on a mission to find out why.... I have s Facebook page called girl uninterrupted check out some of the tips and questionnaire... I am totally convinced that we can find out how to change this xxx


If you are on anti depressants and there not helping they may need changing to a different one or tablet increased.

Co codemol are addictive as they have codeine in. (Which can serverly constipate you also & irritates endo sufferers.) So be careful with taking them long term.

The fact your doc said gets pregnant means he's a moron. You need treatment the correct way. So i suggest talking to GYNE dept about symptoms and treatment. He will ask you if you want an Hysterectomy or it removed.

But the final decision lies with you. Ask him what are your options.

Hope it goes ok. Hugs xxx


Thank you. It just helps being on here with others who understand. The Dr I saw for my antidepressants also told me pain and suffering was a state of mind! My gynecology appointment is on Monday so I am hoping for some options from him. Fingers crossed. X


How did you get on hun?

Your more than welcome to come talk too us. As were all in same boat.


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Hi. Appointment was ok he's referred me for laparoscopy and hystroscopy. He also said that in 60% of cases they find nothing and then the pain will miraculously dissappear after (to which I heard - it's all in your head) although I did point out that I hadn't imagined up my heavy bleeding (have to wear tena lady nappies if I want to leave the house) and clots! - he did relent on that one!

So fingers crossed!

In the meantime I'm still on the codeine as I need to work andone will wait for the appointment.

Thank you for asking how it went. X

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Have you tried light therapy? If you're struggling on antidepressants then it might not be a cure you're after but every little helps right? I just bought an SAD lamp and use it for about 40 minutes every night (You're meant to use it in the morning but I don't have the time!) in hopes to help combat the depression because anti depressants made me feel miserable! Could be something worth looking into if you're desperate! x

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