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Endometriosis and cancer?

Hi all,

I know this is a touchy subject but I'm starting to freak out!

I have an endometrioma on my right ovary and it won't be removed or another 6-9 months to say the least :(

I don't know how I'm going to cope as my mental health is very poor..... my concern is how likely is it for the cyst to turn into cancer?

Can endometriosis give us women a higher chance of cancer?

I'm freaking out so much

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Yes per the document on Facebook it does increase the risk as both are oestrogen fuelled. However the absolute risk remains very small as it is very rare to start with. Monitoring your symptoms and taking hormone treatment will reduce that risk significantly.

Its traumatic and hard when you are first diagnosed. If your mental health is not good I think you need to seek professional counselling or other help for your anxiety to help you through this time and get your worry under control.

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So it is very rare to get cancer from having endometriosis!

I know I have to seek professional help for my mental state it's really bad and I don't know how to control it :(


The absolute ie total risk of cancer is very small to begin with, thats not the same thing.

There are c. 7k odd new ovarian cancer cases diagnosed a year in UK of our total population that's small and over half of those cases are among over 65s.

Endo increases the risk but it's a small risk to begin with.


I don't know about the cancer risk but I too have an endometrioma, I understand your concern because I felt it too on diagnosis. However my surgeon said to me it didn't pop up yesterday that's taken months maybe even a year ( mines large) and you do not have cancer now, why would you get it now? Your thoughts will make you I'll. So that made sense to me and I've calmed down. I'm having mine removed on the 25th of this month, I was diagnosed in June. 6-9 months seems a long time but it will fly by then you'll be worrying about the operation like me!! Can you not ask your Dr if the wait is shorter at another hospital? Maybe your one is small so they want to watch it for a few months, after all why have surgery you may not need. Sending you hugs and wishing you well.

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What you say is so true! I wish I could just switch off my thoughts about this but no matter how many times I get reassured I still worry that there's that slight chance it could turn into cancer :( especially while I have to wait 6-9 months :(

There's no option for me to move up the line of the waiting list but it helps to join the cancelation list. I'm also scared to know what else they will find when they open me up!

My endometrioma is 3.6cm on my right ovary.

Does endometrioma mean really bad endometriosis?


Hi, I think having endometrioma just means you have endometriosis. I have a couple which are 5cm and I'm just using the Mirena to stop them growing.

If you find yourself thinking the worst, maybe try also thinking what the best outcome could be. The truth is likely to be nearer midway, than either end.


Thank you, are you planning on getting your endometriomas removed? Or monitoring them with the mirena?


I'm using the Mirena to stop them growing much bigger and waiting for the menopause. I'd rather do it naturally, never fancied the chemical menopause. If I have pain post menopause, I may have to go for surgery, but hoping to avoid it.

I think of endo as a long term condition that needs managing, but I've always gone for the gentler treatment options.


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