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Zoladex, hysterectomy, colostomy

Hi All,

Been a while since I last posted. I have severe endo on bladder, bowel and pelvic area for (30 years and 8 laser laps). So it's got to crunch time. I wanted to hear about your experiences of zoladex before this major op.

I'm concerned about the side effects because I'm a psychotherapist and cannot sit with clients if I'm highly emotional with this drug. Also it's likely I will need a colostomy temporarily as fibroids and damage has been extensive, so I'm actually quite frightened by the implications. I have read here that for some of you, after all that surgery, you are still getting pain.

Your experiences would be gratefully received.

I will wait to hear...

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Hi Lou Brush.. I was on Decapeptyl which is a similiar to Zoladex, Initially I was fine on it, but I began to get memory loss and major fatigue by month 7. I was given my last injection which led me to major panic attacks and anxiety something I have never had before... Its a very strong drug. I have been off work for 2 months, hoping to go back next week. My last injection was in July however I am still recovering and hoping that I will return to normal soon....as soon as you know the drug isnt agreeing with you please come straight off.. when I went back to the doctor I explained what had happened and she just shrugged her shoulders and stated its mental health... then took me off her clinic !

kIts clearly the drugs as prior I was doing fine mentally other than constant painful bleeding.... my GP has been alot more supportive...


Hi Rajsam, thank you for your reply. I'm afraid it has confirmed the concerns I had about taking it. Unfortunately the surgeon will not proceed with op unless I have it as everything is so inflamed-he is worried he won't be able to see properly. I guess I will need to try it and see but because it's implanted for a month I can't just stop-is that the same with Decapeptyl? I need to be able to cover the mortgage payments, and I'm self employed so this could be very difficult to manage if I suffer adverse effects. Do you know how others have found it? Thanks again.

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If your uterus and both ovaries r removed then you are completely free of endi. But u will suffer a surgical menapause that’s lasts a few yrs.


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