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How to tell my boyfriend


I need a little advice about how to tell my boyfriend sex is very painful for me. He's staying for the weekend in a few weeks around when my period is due and we've only been dating a month. Also when I'm on my monthly it's so painful, I can't even get out of bed

How can I tell him it hurts me without making it a relationship deal breaker

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I understand your concern as I've had this concern before with past relationships and my current one. The best thing is to just be honest with him and let him know as soon as possible. I've told a few guys before and they were not understanding of it and it was crushing but I realized they were not worth my time.

I don't really think theres a way you can break it to him without making it a 'relationship deal breaker.' If it's a deal breaker for him, do you really want to be with someone like that?

As for my current relationship, my fiancé is very understanding of my problems sex wise, so it may not even be a big deal if he is mature enough to understand what's going on. Believe me, I was worried when I first mentioned my problems with sex with my fiancé but he handled it very gracefully and I'm thankful that he is so understanding. If he's a good guy, it may go way better than you think!


Yeah thank you, he knows about what's going on a little bit and he's really understanding and nicer compared to my ex who didn't listen and stuff.


Good! I'm glad he's been understanding 😊


I found with my ex he already suspected I was holding something back from him after a month talking and then two dates. He was amazing about it all and just being open about it was the right call. Sadly we have to just say it and hope they get it. It may take repeated goes of stating what's going on for you and him to actually see. A recent guy I thought understood but he didn't. I then sent him an article and he seemed to react more positively. My ex got it straight away and actually got upset if I didn't include him in health decisions. As they say communication is the key in relationships. Think positive xx


Yeah he knows about it as a girl he knows has endo and he's really supportive and tells me "it will be okay, we will get through anything together" I haven't been diagnosed yet but in another question I asked, I said about my symptoms xx


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