Taken a step back

I had a lap 4 weeks ago and have been feeling pretty happy about my progress. I returned to work soon after and although feeling very drained and extremely tired each day was an improvement and by my 3rd week I felt great. Pain was there but was bearable and I felt like I was on the right path. Until yesterday I've had really awful pains in my stomach, feels like period pains but worse. My whole body is aching, my appetite has gone and this throbbing pain is unbearable. I'm gutted and feel now I've taken a step back, my incision area is very sore and uncomfortable and now Ive been faced with 2 restless nights sleep so energy is low. Has anybody had this happen? I'm fed up of doctors and hospitals and for the first time in a very long time I felt I was on the right path and now it's all gone out the window 😔 Any advice would be really appreciated.

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Gentle hugs. It sounds like you just went back to work too soon and over did it . Because it's keyhole it's easy to underestimate the amount of internal healing that needs to take place, but that can take 12 weeks and uses up a lot of your body's energy reserves.

I think you need to stop and give yourself permission to rest and recover at your pace xxx

Thank you for your response starry. I think sometimes you have a good day then it feels like your heading the right way and you forget what your body has been through. I hope your starting to feel a little better, I've been following your journey. Xxx

Yes I've had 3 false dawn's and set backs like that only to be laid up after over doing its with such small things ( wearing wellies, uneven terrain and speed of walking fhs) its just so easy to underestimate the impact of surgery.

Thanks Ashleigh. Xxxx

Touch wood but 6 weeks does seem to be a bit of turning a corner milestone for me and the physio seemed very pleased with my progress today. It's slow going but feeling more positive about getting there than of late.

Take care of you. Xx

That's good news. Look after yourself 😊 Thank you again xxxx

I went back to work on Monday 4.5 weeks post lap and hysteroscopy and I've found the week a rollercoaster really. First day very tired but no pain, yesterday pretty ok but upset stomach and lack of appetite then today pain has been quite bad and lack of energy. I'm just adjusting as I go to how I feel but looking forward to a weekend lie-in!

Thanks for writing. It does sound like a rollercoaster and I know how you feel it's really horrible. But good to just see how you are and then adjust. Hope your recovery gets better xx

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