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Ovulation Pain and Full Feeling

Does anyone else experience bizarre symptoms when ovulating? I'm on the mirena but have been told I still ovulate and have definitely noticed a pattern during ovulation where I feel really full and a twisting feeling in my stomach and the pain is horrendous. I also need to pee a lot more and feel a sense of pressure in my tummy like I've drunk too much water, bloating, as well as the lovely shooting pains when going to the loo.

For me it's worse in many ways than my period, and is definitely the start of my monthly symptoms, does anyone else get this? I find it so hard to do anything and just so uncomfortable!

I haven't got an endo diagnosis yet as gynae wanted me to try mirena first and wait six months which will be in September so I'm always interested to know if others experience the same!

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Hi hun. Sorry your experiencing this. I have had this pain too and it would get me where I couldn't even walk no pain killers would touch it not even morphine absolutely horrendous. All I can say is when they did my lap they found endo and my tubes we're slow full of endo or adhesions from my c section they advised me to go for ivf. I declined I wanted to continue to try naturally. I found and enzyme called serrapeptase iv been taking that since March. I fell pregnant for the first time In nearly 3 years sadly lost it. But that pain is no where near as bad now I feel it I know I'm ovulating but it's minimal compared to the horrendous pain I used to get..

Maybe it's something to do with your tubes I'm sure iv read somewhere that the Merina can cause scar tissue I had the Medina and didn't respond well to it I fainted having it in and the same having it out it didn't help me one bit.

I hope you get to the bottom of this but also maybe try serrapeptase as it helps with inflammation also. Xxx good luck hun hope this helps xxx


Thanks for sharing your experience, it's good to know it's not just me!

The mirena has helped reduce symptoms slightly but not enough to not want a lap as they're still horrendous and I am worried about my tubes and general fertility as don't have any children and would like to start trying in a year or so. I have been lucky with the mirena though as so far it hasn't seemed to cause any additional symptoms but I will ask gynae about whether it can cause scar tissue as that's something to bear in mind! I've never heard of serrapeptase either so thank you, I'll definitely research that now!


Your welcome hun. Keep me updated on how you get on. I hope you get answers soon. Take care hun. I'm here if you ever need to chat xx

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