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Endometriosis in POD and possible bowel, just want something to ease pain

Hey everyone, first time with something like this but need some help and support please? I've recently been diagnosed with endometriosis in POD after over a year of solid pain, they lasered some of it but said they couldn't do all of it as it was too far in the wall? They suggested having a colonoscopy as I've had rectal bleeding for over 4 years now despite 5 operations for hemorrhoids. The colorectal surgeon has refused a colonoscopy but offering a sigmoidoscopy but not sure how much this will show up. Anyway in the mean time I've got the implant in, mirena coil and norethistrone tablets to stop periods as this makes the pain unbearable but I can't take any strong pain killers as they make me dopey and I've got a 4 year old to look after, they also don't help with the pain just help me to sleep through the pain. Also I've been told if I want another child that I've got 4 years but not too sure why this is? Has anyone else got experiences with this type of endometriosis that wouldn't mind sharing with me to try help me understand it better and how to manage and treatment etc? Thanks x

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Are you being treated at a bsge centre?


Nope I just have a gynaecologist who I haven't got an appointment with til 31st October


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