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Endo returning

Hi all,

So, I had my first lap at the end of March. I was diagnosed with endo and the surgeon managed to remove quite a lot after diathermy. He told me the endo was quite severe (which makes sense as it had taken 10 years to diagnose). Since the operation, I have noticed a big improvement but recently I've started to get pain again where it was prior to the operation, sometimes it is quite intense. I really don't want to have to go through another lap as I had a tough time recovering but just wondered how long it took others before their symptoms started to return? Were your symptoms severe or more mild?

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I had one in September and have had regular symptoms for the last few months. Certain symptoms are worse than before but on the whole I'm still better than I was


I only had a week free of pain from stage 4 the pain is in the same place as surgery but it is 10 times worse now as my surgeon could not touch my bladder or bowl so waiting to see consultant in September to arrange more surgery on them as my colon is fused but they think it has spread to my bowl as pain is really bad there and I have just had a major flare up and my morphine didn't even touch it x


Hi Rhia0901, I am in exactly the same position as I had surgery last October and now 6 months later feel my symptoms returning. I have an appointment with my gynae next week to check if another endometrioma shows up on the scan, which is how I was diagnosed before. How are you feeling now and are there any updates on your situation? Hope you’re doing ok!


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