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Struggling with endo pain after having a successful laparoscopy in may :(

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with endometriosis for about 5 years. I was going to the gp nearly every month with them only to say that some people have bad periods and that it was normal! I knew it wasnt normal so i ended up going private to see a endo specialist. She found signs of endometriosis as well as problems with my left ovary (it was stuck to the side of my uterus).

To cut a long story short, i was booked in for a laparoscopy in may. They found out i had moderate endometriosis and adheshions which they removed, and i was told this would relieve the pain.

The first month after the lap i felt great, but each moth after that the pain has been getting worse and worse. Im currently in so much pain im finding it hard to move, i have burning pain in my lover abdomen aswell as a sharp stabbing pain in my left side. I honestly dont know what to do now i feel so depressed, i thought the surgery would help but it honestly hasnt!

Is there anyone else in the situation? What should i do?

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Huge huge hugs for your pain. Xxxxxxx

I'm so sorry to hear you are in pain still after surgery. Are you able to go see the consultant again for advice and a scan?

Was your surgeon BSGE accredited? Did you have excision or ablation? Were you told all the Endo was definitely removed?

Sometimes adhesions can develop after surgery and cause pain as they tighten or if your Endo was badly positoned nerve damage pain can persist.

I found this document a helpful guide to what may happen with post op pain issues.



Im in exact same position. As a second surgery so close to your last will be a bit much, youll be expected to use hormones for now. I had surgery in december, through bsge, excision, and mine come straight back. Pill, back to back was my initial treatment that failed. Now im just finishing my 3rd month of Zoladex. I have an ultrasound this month, then chances are ill be back in surgery before years out! Unfortunately unless it becomes a medical emergency youll be treated until elective surgery can be organized and that doesnt happen overnight with the NHS. Good luck. Hope you find something that works, even just for now!


Hi, it does take a while I'm afraid. I had the same surgery in October, and it wasn't until Easter that my periods improved. They're much lighter and less painful now x


Hey, I am in the exact same position as you! After my lap in February I have been left in more pain than ever. After several disappointing and rather patronising appointments I'm going private but I'm so confused. I thought an op would finally solve my problems not make my pain worse :/ I also am feeling really lost because it's back to square one but am trying to get some scans and referrals done. Can you go back to the surgeon who did the surgery and ask them what the next steps are? You absolutely aren't alone in this, take care and insist on some stronger pain medication xx


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