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Post laparoscopy pain and Endo

Hi ladies. I had my op approximately 6 weeks ago now. Experiencing a few spasms In my lower back but that is manageable. However , every now and then I will get a twinge of pain where I used to he the pain before I had the op. Obviously it's not as bad as the pain I was in before but happens if I move to quickly etc Also coughing can flare it up . Is this normal

? I'm

Scared to go back to my GP as they didn't think there was anything wrong with me in the first place but after I had the op I ended up having endo

, adhesions and cysts :(

All have been removed now , but when I get pain I worry x

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Hi. You can experience pain during recovery from adhesions and other non endo factors. It takes around 12 weeks to heal in ternally apparently


If you are worried do speak to someone X


yeah it took almost 9 months for me to feel almost nothing on my surgery site. mine was lower left and even just lifting my left leg had me feeling soreness. give it time.. but if it gets bad or if ur worried i would follow up w the surgeon

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