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Getting diagnosed

I have suffered with severe period pains for just over a year now and my symptoms and pain are worsening. I was admitted into hospital through a&e at the end of February with infection through my blood and swollen lymph nodes in my abdomen. They did surgery and took a biopsy of the lymph node and at the time they came across 'internal bleeding' and couldn't identify where it had come from. It was the third day of my period when surgery happened. I have recently been discharged from the hospital with no answers and my GP is telling me I will get refused a referral from the gynocologist as I've not got any symptoms.

Any ideas on how to push my GP? I have an appt tomorrow morning...

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Your GP can't refuse you can they, that's pretty shocking! You have a right for an opinion, or a second or third, and if you think something is up, you should surely get it checked? Like I thought everyone had the right to see a gynaeo in case there's something seriously up? I'd ask for a referral straight to a BSGE centre and go in with a specialist in mind you want to be referred to. Just keep pushing that you want the referral, otherwise your next best option would be going private :/ Fingers crossed for you dude x


It can be frustrating when doctors do that. I would change what doctor you see if you can. Explain youve had enough, are struggling to cope etc and you want to be reffered to get to the bottom of it. My gps didnt take me serious either untill i paid privately for a counseltation with gastro as i was having problems with my bowels aswell and couldnt leave the house for days at a time. The doctors thought i was at it and pain was in my head but it wasnt. Feb this year i got diagnosed with endometriosis from gyne and waiting to get laparoscopy. It has been a long process but i kept pushing and didnt give in untill i have answers. Ask for bloods to be taken etc. It wasnt untill the doc thought i maybe had chrons or that i suggested to her about CA125 level which came back raised. I then got reffered to gyne.


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