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Advice on getting diagnosed


Hey everyone,

I'm new to this forum and hoping for some advice. I have had symptoms that sound very much like endo since my teenage years (I am 27). Its been largely managed up until now and I always thought that the bloating/pain I experienced was normal. I recently went to my GP with what I can only describe as a really bad flare up of symptoms (pelvic pain, constant bloating and overwhelming fatigue). She specialised in gyne before and advised me that the most likely thing it would be is endometriosis. She advised against laparoscopy for diagnosis as the only recommendation is progesterone birth control and the laparoscopy itself is surgery which may have complications.

I am really unsure whether or not to push for a laparascopy. I want some answers as right now I have a list of symptoms that I can't explain, and I'd like to be able to plan for the future. Has anyone else come up againt this dilemma and how easy is it to push for laparoscopy? Does it give many benefits once diagnosed?

Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks x

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Full diagnosis and treatment is unfortunately surgery, it’s the only real way of knowing it’s there and where. Scans won’t show it yet. Would have been nice if they did.

Not sure how much GP specialist they are. Other postings have suggested printing off the NICE guidelines and taking to GP, this would probably be a good option to look at.

Good luck

Lucy_May in reply to Moon_maiden

Thank you so much for your advice! Have had a read of NICE guidelines and think it would definitely help to bring these to my GP. Thanks again x

Moon_maiden in reply to Lucy_May

Good luck, not that you should really need it

Hi - there are very clear pathways. I run a support group with lots of evidence-based info files that go through all the symptoms doctors should look for and treatment pathways if you would like to join. Will pm.

Lucy_May in reply to Lindle

Hi Lindle, thank you for your message. The forum looks really helpful I'll request to join! Thanks again x

Hi! I’m having a really similar issue at the moment. I’m 20 and my doctor has recommended the same for me (to start the combined pill and see how that goes rather than a laparoscopy). I’m so unsure of whether to push for a laparoscopy to get a definite diagnosis or to just begin managing it. I’d be interested to hear how you’re getting on - I hope you are well!!

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