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Anyone else suffering from vaginismus? Was diagnosed 2 years ago and made a lot of progress bit various stress and pain related issues put back at square one, though I'm so much better than I ever qas and told the vaginismus has now gone. Now I'm thinking it might be endo given the pain is more deep set than in the entrance. Anyone had this and found the pain has fully gone or will sex always be an issue??

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I've had exactly this and the pain was deep. It turned out there was a deep RV nodule 3 cm growing into my bowel and vagina, the GP found it in an internal exam. I haven't had sex since November last year due to the pain. It's been very hard on my hubby. I think I did get so tense about fear of pain that at times it may have been vaginismus rather than the angle being blocked by the nodule, though that was the main problem.

I had excision surgery 3 weeks ago today. I lost 4 cm2 off the top of my vagina which was repaired.

I would see if you can be checked out for deep RV endo by a BSGE centre

I've not yet attempted sex and am petrified of doing so. In a couple of weeks if I pluck up courage, I may have an answer for you x

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How are you feeling now?


Hi April I had my 3 month check mid September and the surgeon was pleased with recovery and said intercourse was safe but stitches were still.there and he said it could be painful for another 2 months so we haven't tried yet as I want my first experience to be as positive as possible. Probably December time or late November.

It's not helped by the fact I've developed a further post op complication of Reflux esophagitis which is making me feel quite poorly.


I pray and hope that you feel better and you have a pain free sex life. More power to you and us fellow endo-women.


Iv have this this and its made my life hell. I just can't handle the pain. I try to be brave but just can't do it. I'm hoping my pain will go but right now I can't see that happening.

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I too have both vaginismus and endo. I'm using dilators now but I'm feeling dejected as it's not helping much. I feel like I'm alone. I've seen 6 gynecologists and all of them told me to relax and use lube. The last one ridiculed me and the pain I had while trying to insert a dilator. I've two cysts on my ovaries. Will laparoscopic removal of endo ease my vaginismus pain?


Huge hugs. Horrified a clinician ridiculed you. I hope you made a complaint.

It will only help if it is actually the endo causing your vaginismus. In my case I had a 3 cm lump protruding into my vagina so my issues related to a physical obstruction, so it is unlikely to do anything except improve things.

Ovary cysts aren't in the immediate vicinity of the vagina though, so it seems a stretch to think they are causing it unless there is a some bizarre pain referral thing going on, I'm not a clinician though to know. I wonder if you have endo elsewhere that's not been found. Was your lap at a BSGE Endo centre? Sometimes general gynaes have been known to miss some. Do you have any bowel or back pain symptoms?

Vaginismus has a number of causes so it could be something entirely different.


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