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What next after surgery?

I have recently had excision surgery for stage 4 endometriosis, which went very well. Avoided stoma bag and any major complications. We had previously been TTC and have been told we may need IVF however surgery can increase our chances. We was asked if i wanted to do a course of decapeptyl next, what advice do you have endo warriors on this? Should we wait til ive healed and try naturally for a while or should i do the injections and look into ivf 💛

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Hi, I am also post stage four excision surgery. This link rounds up all recurrence resesrch to date and has a a section about a trial with and without treatment which didn't find any medium term benefit to GnRh post op. It delayed recurrence in year one (ie while on it) but by year 3 the recurrence stats are the same. If it were me I'd just immediately TTC. But I'm not trying myself so perhaps there are extra factors I've not looked at.


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Thank you for your reply 😘


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