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Surgery next Friday and isolating


Hi all,

I’m getting nearer to my surgery, I had to go to hospital on Sat as I had a flare up and was told I’m meant to self isolate for 2 weeks when I’ve been being told 72 hrs after my Covid swab next Tuesday is this right - I live in Herts.

As my surgery gets nearer I’m really frighted, I’ve had a few surgeries now but this one is scary as I want the consultant to find what he thinks he’s looking for and not think I’ve been making it up.

I’ve had pain for many years and to be told I have endo will be a massive relief, I have problems going to the toilet - get extreme pelvic pain, get sick and hot.

I’m about to lose my job in October and I really don’t know when to start looking for another one.

Consultant thinks the endo is in my bowel?

Any help


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Just wanted to say good luck & you will be fine. I was suppose to have surgery and was told 2 weeks, then I had to have a urgent MRI as they found a cyst that looked suspicious, once I got the results I had my surgery on Wednesday & had to isolate 72 hours also.

I was so so scared but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Best wishes xx

rossemma1 in reply to ChloeL934

Thank you, I’m so confused between the isolation of 2 weeks and 72 hrs, but when I went to hospital Sat they said they couldn’t keep me in otherwise I’d be breaking the rules.

Are you diagnosed now xx

ChloeL934 in reply to rossemma1

Yeah, when my consultant called me and booked me in it was literally days between I think it was like 7 days after she called me, and I said oh but I have to isolate for 2 weeks & she said no it’s changed to 72 hours and a test, so I didn’t think much of it. I already knew I had some sort of endo because I have Endometriomas had them on my ovaries for years, but didn’t cause me much concern just fertility issues as we’ve been trying for 3 years, but husband has issues too. Until I had a scan and had a phone call to say my Endometrioma didn’t actually look like one and I needed a urgent mri but turns out it was all fine. I had surgery & she removed them & done the dye test for my tubes which are fine & said she removed some endo from the ouch of Douglas and it wasn’t “typical endo” where things are stuck together she said she could still move my ovaries etc so I’m hoping that’s good news!

How long have you been waiting for surgery. Xx

rossemma1 in reply to ChloeL934

Since the beginning of May which isn’t that long but I’ve been to hospital like 9 times since then!!

Yeah I think I have it in the pouch as every ultrasound always comes back clear, I can’t go to the toilet without being in pain and feeling sick?

What symptoms do you have/get

ChloeL934 in reply to rossemma1

I didn’t really have many symptoms, but I did have pain sometimes, bleeding after sex, pain during sex, sometimes pain down my leg, heavy periods. I had surgery for fertility that was the main reason x


I was first told 2 weeks isolating then they rang and said 3 days as the guidelines changed. I just had my lap Monday and was so scared it wouldn’t be found but they did and removed it. Such a relief to know I wasn’t imagining it like gps suggested. We know our bodies, wishing u the very best. Hope it goes well xx

Good luck with your surgery.

I know the job situation is difficult, but take your time to recover first, don't rush going back to work. You could end up in a worse state. Just take it easy, 1 day at a time. This type of surgery doesn't affect just the tummy, it affects the whole person, expect up and down days.

Take care. x

Ahh thank you, how long can I expect recovery to take?

I’ve got one of the top consultants who thinks I’ve got in the pouch - then what

b_bart88 in reply to rossemma1

I had endo removed from the pouch, I was ok after two weeks and fine by three weeks post op x

rossemma1 in reply to b_bart88

How long does surgery take

b_bart88 in reply to rossemma1

I can’t remember as it was seven years ago, I was in and out as a day case though. Lots of rest and sleep but also try and move a little every day as that helps recovery x


I am 2 1/2 weeks post op extensive laparoscopic surgery I did have it on my bowel in a bad way and had to have a part resection. I was in hospital for 8days. But I’m now up and about at home and doing really well. I was petrified about going into hospital but after conversations with my drs I was ok(ish - I don’t like needles)

Surgery effects all of you. Physically, emotionally and mentally. The two things I would say 1, take plenty to entertain you if you know you may be staying in and 2, don’t rush your recovery.

I am someone who does not like sitting at home whilst others are doing my job for me but I also know that just having a shower and washing my hair takes all the energy I have even now, so I wouldn’t be able to apply what I would need to, to be at work just yet. I work in a school as a TA and can’t wait to go in and see my class but I know that I wouldn’t be able to commit as I would want and that would hurt more to me than taking the time I need to get better.

It will all be fine and you know your body best don’t let a male dr who has no idea what it’s like to live with your condition tell you how it feels

Good luck

Kelly xxx

Ps I also had to isolate 2weeks before plus attend a COVID test and blood tests 3 days before surgery, they stated that the need for the bloods and COVID meant that it was allowed although you are isolating.

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