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Pain on Progesterone

I've always had a dull pain in my right side, near my ovary, and since changing ro progestreone only a few weeks back, the pain has gone to much worse. I've tried cutting down on exercise, changing my sitting positions and the likes, but it feels like every time I move something is ripping and pulling in the right side. Anyone else had an increase in pain from progesterone only, could this be related to wind or does it sound like endometriosis? The gynaeo told me my ovaries were clear after a transvaginal ultrasound but I'm not so sure, I have an appointment with a specialist but it's in October, here's hoping!

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I too suffered from pain on the right near my ovary. It got worse while on the pill. I just had a laparoscopy a few days ago and there was endometriosis where I had pain that is now removed. I don't feel that same pain anymore.

However during my ultrasound they did find cysts on my ovaries and I'm not quite sure what my surgeon did for that while I was under. I suppose I will find out more during my post op.

Your situation may be different than mine but I had similar symptoms as you. Hope everything eases up for you soon x


Thank you, so do I! My ultrasound was at least a year ago now and the pain is definitely worse but it feels like best case scenario is endo because otherwise I don't know what it is! Hope you stay pain free x

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I understand. I had my first ultrasound when I was 18 and had the "wait and see" option. Back at age 21 and glad I got the operation done to catch endo in its early stages and to help my cysts x

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