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Endo and fertility

Hi. So a brief intro, been TTC for nearly 2 years, the OH test are all good. I had a laparoscopy 2 days ago. They said my right side is all fine, both tubes are good. But my left ovary and tube is adhered densely to my bowl. I also have a left intramural fibroid. Im now being referred to an endo clinic and I have an appointment at the fertility clinic mid-August. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of what will happen now?

Feeling ok post surgery, the shoulder pain from the gases was more painful, the incisions are achey but bearable.

Thanks in advance for taking time to read and reply :-)

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My situation is similar to yours. My left side too is the issue. Ovary is fused to my tube. I'm going in for 2nd Lap with an experienced surgeon next month as the 1st felt it was too complex for him to deal with. We've been trying for 5 years now. Had 2 rounds of ivf but both ended in MC. Most fertility experts say that Endo shouldn't effect ivf chances but now I'm not so sure. We are now looking into raised nk cells as this can be an issue with Endo and fertility. Good luck with it all, I'm hopeful we will get there in the end x


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