What medical treatment or surgery have you had post total hysterectomy for your ongoing/recurring endometriosis?

Just looking to find out what surgery or medical treatment people have been given after a total hysterectomy for any recurring endometriosis? I'm 7 years post op and seeing a specialist in September for my ongoing symptoms that are worsening every year.

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I personally haven't been through this but there's a lady on here I chat with and she's in same situation she's having an open next month to burn nerves I believe. She has a lot of pain nearly all the time. X

Operation I meant not open x

It depends on whether you had excision of endo at the same time as the hysterectomy. Presumably the hysterectomy was indicated for disease such as adenomyosis or fibroids or unmanageable periods, but it isn't a treatment for endo especially if you retained your ovaries. So the first line of treatment would be a lap to investigate with a view to having excision of any remaining endo. Be sure to see someone with a special interest in endo (the NHS requires this). If you have been seeing a general gynaecologist during the time it has been getting worse without any resolution, then you should now be referred to a BSGE accredited specialist centre.


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