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Can't find mirena coil threads?!

Hi all, just had a mirena coil fitted on tuesday, I have my appointment in 6 weeks booked for the nurse to check all is ok, but I've seen that you should try and check yourself in the first month for the threads, I have tried twice now and really can't find anything! I'm a bit unsure because I don't really know what i'm trying to feel for and what I should expect to feel?

Any tips would be helpful haha not sure if I'm just being dim to be honest! Thanks X

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Hi, you should be able to feel a couple of flexible wires. They stick out of the cervix. Exactly what angle will depend on whether your uterus is retroverted or not. Mine is, so they are kind of to one side rather than at the top, if you follow me.

You really should be able to feel them, so if not I suggest making an appt with the GP practice nurse asap. It's important that the coil is correctly positioned.

Good luck


ah ok mine is retroverted too, will have another try it's handy now i have an idea what i'm feeling for! how much will i feel? like is it just the tips of the threads or should i expect to feel a reasonable length? thanks for this it's really helpful!


I think what you can feel depends a bit on how short the threads have been cut by the person who fitted the coil. Some are cut quite short, others left long. Seems to be a matter of preference. My current ones are short so they feel like a prickly cervix. If they are long, they may cling to the sides, making them harder to feel.

Any success with the quest?


Do go and get it checked by the Doc/nurse to be sure, but when I had mine fitted I couldn't feel the strings and went to my 6 week check the nurse couldn't find them either. Had a scan and the coil was where it should be doing its job but the strings had gone straight up inside making it seem like it wasn't there.

Maybe yours have gone inside too, but you do need to check it's in the right place and not moved.



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