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Think I have a post lap infection! Help?

Hey guys,

So the pain when weeing in my tummy has now turned into feeling terrible, the pain has massively increased to more than it was before, including the normal pain especially like the inside but under my belly button(if that makes sense) and to feeling like I need to and vomiting. I'm thinking maybe it's an infection? Or is this normal has anyone felt like this after a lap. Oh I had it a week ago today.

Any advice?


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I would go to your GP if you are worried or ring the hospital ward ?

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HELL YEH!! I feel ur pain, 7 days today and for last 4 ive been peeing fire but no infection as went to dr and nothing but he suggested cystitis tablets over the counter just sachets u take with water! It sodium citrate. It is working... 6 sachets im on 4th and i can wee without nearly crying... he said it where they push ur bladder about in the lap

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